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Chapter 1: Basic Concept of Economics and Allocation of Resources
Lesson No.Lesson NameExercise
1.Basic Concept of Economics and Allocation of ResourcesNotes
Chapter 2: Microeconomics
Lesson No.Lesson NameExercise
1.Demand, Supply and Market EquilibriumNotes
2.Elasticity of Demand and SupplyNotes
3.Consumer’s Behaviour Notes
4.Theory of ProductionNotes
Chapter 3: Macroeconomics
Lesson No.Lesson NameExercise
1.Introduction to Macroeconomics Notes
2.National Income AccountingNotes
3.Money and InflationNotes
Chapter 4: Development Economics
Lesson No.Lesson NameExercise
1.Economic Development, Growth and Capital FormationNotes
Chapter 5: Nepalese Economy
Lesson No.Lesson NameExercise
1.Review of Nepalese EconomyNotes
2.Natural Resources in NepalNotes
3.Agriculture in NepalNotes
4.Manufacturing and Tourism Industry in NepalNotes
5.Transportation and CommunicationNotes
Chapter 6: Quantitative Techniques in Economics
Lesson No.Lesson NameExercise
1.Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics Notes

Course Contents

  1. Basis Concept of Economics and Allocation of Resources
    • Definition of Economics: Adam Smith, Alfred Marshall and Lionel Robbins
    • Concept of Positive and Normative Economics
    • Concept and Difference between Miceoeconomis and Macroeconomics
    • Types of Goods and Services: Normal, Giffen, Inferior, Substitutes, Complements, Private, Public, Economic and Free goods.
  2. Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium
    • Demand: Meaning, Demand function, Law of Demand, Factors affecting demand, Movement and shift in demand curve, factors responsible for shift in demand curve
    • Supply: Meaning, Supply function, Law of Supply, Factors affecting supply, Movement and shift in supply curve, factors responsible for shift in supply curve
    • Interaction between demand and supply/ Maket Equilibrium
    • Numericals
  3. Elasticity of Demand and Supply
    • Concept and Types of Elasticity of Demand: Price, Income and Cross Elasticity
    • Types of Price, Income and Cross Elasticity of Demand
    • Factors affecting price elasticity of demand
    • Concept and types of elasticity of supply
    • Numericals
  4. Consumer’s Behaviour
    • Concept of Cardinal Utility: Total Utility and Marginal Utility
    • Law of diminishing marginal utility
    • Law of substitution
    • Consumer’s surplus and Producer’s surplus
    • Numericals
  5. Theory of Production
    • Concept of Production and Production Function
    • Total, Average and Marginal Products and their derivation
    • Law of Variable Proportion
    • Law of returns to scale
    • Numericals
  6. Introduction to Macroeconomics
    • Macroeconomic Variables
    • Concept of Closed and Open Economy
  7. National Income Accounting
    • Various concepts of National Income: GDP, GNP, NNP, NI, PI, DI and PCI.
    • Nominal and Real GDP: Difference and Calculation, GDP Deflator
    • Measurement of National Income; Product, Income and Expenditure Method
    • Difficulties in the measurement of national income in the context of nepal
    • Numericals
  8. Money and Inflation
    • Meaning, Importance and functions and forms of money
    • Concept of money supply: Narrow and Broad Money
    • Quantity Theory of Money (Fisher’s Equation)
    • Meaning, Causes and Effects of Inflation and Deflation
    • Numericals
  9. Economic Development, Growth and Capital Formation
    • Concept of Economic Development and Economic Growth
    • Indicators of Economic Development
    • Characteristics of Developing Economies
    • Process of Capital Formation
  10. Review of Nepalese Economy
    • Contemporary Characteristics of Nepalese Economy
    • Macroeconomic indicators of central government and seven provinces of Nepal
  11. Natural Resources of Nepal
    • Water Resource: Importance, Potential, Current situation and Problems
    • Forest Resource: Present Situation, Importance, Causes and Consequesnces of Deforestation
    • Mineral Resource: Importance, Problems
    • Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, and its impact in the economy
  12. Agriculture
    • Characteristics of Nepalese Agriculture
    • Measures to Modernization and commercialization of agriculture sector in Nepal
    • Sources of Agriculture Finance
    • Nature of agriculture marketing, problems and measures to solve the problems
  13. Manufacturing and Tourism Industry in Nepal
    • Concept and types of Industry
    • Brief History of Industrial development in Nepal
    • Importance and problems of Nepalese Industrial Sector
    • Tourism Industry: Importance, Present Situation, Prospects, Problems and Remedial Measures
  14. Transportation and Communication
    • Role of Transportation and communication in economic development
    • Means of transportation and communication and Present situation
  15. Fundamental concepts of Mathematics
    • Importance and application of mathematics in economics
    • Equation of straight line
    • Differential calculus: Simple and Partial Derivatives

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